Dryer Vent Cleaning

A residential dryer vent before cleaning—choked with lint, decreasing efficiency and creating a fire hazard.

Dryer lint: the gray menace

When the lint that builds up inside a dryer vent line is met with the blow-torch that is your dryer’s exhaust, a fire hazard is born. Dryer vent cleaning is a critical element of home maintenance, for several reasons:

it removes highly combustible lint buildup that is a leading cause of home fires
it improves the dryer’s efficiency by restoring air flow
it shortens drying time due to increased efficiency
​it increases the lifespan of your dryer by decreasing wear​ and tear

How we get rid of it

​Essential ammo for professional dryer vent cleaning is the reverse-blowing spinning skipper ball. It’s as cool as it sounds—here’s how it works: the tech feeds the tool from the dryer vent hood through the vent line all the way to the back of the dryer. Once activated, the metal ball simultaneously spins and spits air through tiny holes on its surface, blasting lint toward the opening as it’s pulled out. This process is repeated until perfect air flow is established.

Dryer vent results after cleaning
A dryer vent cleared of lint using a reverse-blowing spinning skipper ball.
A dryer vent in Edina, MN, completely clogged with lint and animal nesting. We cleared the blockage and installed a bird guard vent cover to prevent further animal entry.

Animal nesting

Birds and other animals are naturally drawn to dryer vent openings because of the warmth generated by the dryer and the safety the dryer vent would seem to offer. Unfortunately these animals, especially young ones, often become trapped inside, unable to escape the enclosed space. Also, the dry sticks and leaves that they place inside are easily combustible when combined with tiny bits of dryer lint and blasted with hot air from the dryer. Prompt and thorough removal of the obstruction is necessary to ensure the safe and effective operation of your dryer.

Your dryer vent should have a cover to prevent animal entry. There are many shapes and sizes of dryer vent covers available, but the ideal cover will have a louvered flap. The flap swings open when hot air from the dryer forces it open, and then falls back into the closed position when the dryer stops.

8-Second Video Demo

Brief video demo of residential dryer vent cleaning.

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