Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

Commercial dryer vent cleaning on a rooftop.
We specialize in cleaning the dryer vents of multi-unit buildings, such as senior living, apartments, and condominiums. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to thoroughly clean from the outside of the building—from the vent itself—without inconveniencing residents. 

Multi-unit cleaning

Multi-unit dwellings often utilize shared dryer vent lines that handle great volume, and for this reason they’re prone to some record-setting clogs. Salons, clinics, etc. have clothes dryers that tend to operate in overdrive and therefore require more regular cleaning to function optimally and prevent breakdowns. We provide dryer vent cleaning in the following commercial settings:

Apartments, condos, townhomes
Senior living​
Salons and spas
Health clubs​

How we do it

Our weapon of choice against dryer lint in commercial settings is the reverse-blowing spinning skipper ball, attached to a 50-foot air hose, which is capable of reaching several stories down from the roof if necessary. The technician feeds the tool from the outside exhaust vent through the vent line as far as necessary to the back of the dryer. Once the tool is engaged, the skipper ball simultaneously spins and spits air through tiny holes on its surface. As the tech pulls the line back toward him, lint is expelled with great force from the vent opening. He repeats this process as many times as necessary until perfect airflow is established.

Commercial dryer vent before and after cleaning.
In multi-unit dwellings such as apartments, the service can usually be performed from the outside only (starting from the outside exhaust vent through to the back of the dryer itself) so that tenants are not inconvenienced.

Estimate + Consult

Schedule a site visit by our commercial project manager for an estimate + consult with your organization’s maintenance supervisor or management. He’ll view the property, scan the blueprints (if available), and determine the project scope. The completed estimate will include the number of units to be cleaned, the cost for each, and the method to be utilized.

Video Demo: Apartments

Company founder Ben Saxton explains the process of dryer vent cleaning for apartments.

Total Blockage of Dryer Vents

Ben Saxton reveals an 8-inch thick blockage of apartment dryer vents. Residents were experiencing extremely long drying times and complained to management, who summoned our company for dryer vent cleaning. 

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