Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

A commercial technician assesses the inside of an air duct in a church setting in Mounds View, MN.

Properties we serve

Commercial air duct cleaning covers everything from office buildings to apartment complexes and everything in between—essentially anything that isn’t a single-family residence. We are experienced and equipped to tackle HVAC cleaning in ANY commercial setting, including the following:

Office buildings
Apartments & senior living
Churches and other houses of worship
Community centers and gyms
Retail spaces
Clinics, salons & spas
And any other commercial space!

How we do it

​The tools and methods utilized will be those most appropriate for ensuring optimal results. These include the following:

Crawl-through, where the tech dons personal protective equipment and physically crawls through the ducts with a vacuum hose and brush-heads
Tentacled air whips, which, powered by an industrial air compressor, thrash furiously yet nimbly inside the duct to dislodge the most stubborn of debris​
High-pressure air triggers, whose focused and sustained blast of air from close proximity removes debris from non-removable system components, such as fan blades
High-pressure water jets, whose high-powered stream cleanses caked-on debris from smaller, removable system components such as supply diffusers and return grilles
Industrial vacuums, whose extreme suction power and negative pressure aid in pulling debris away from the site and into a secure containment system for safe removal
A commercial technician washes supply diffusers and return grilles with degreaser before reinstalling.
When the size of the duct allows, a commercial technician performs the cleaning using the crawl-through method.


When feasible, the most effective method of cleaning commercial air ducts, hands-down, is crawl-through. If duct size allows, the technician, appropriately protected with PPE, enters the duct through a 16-inch access hole, carrying with him an appropriate length of vacuum hose and several brush-head attachments. He moves methodically through the ductwork, manually dislodging debris and immediately vacuuming it up, sending it to the industrial containment system below.​

See our video demos below.

Estimate + Consult

Schedule a site visit by our commercial project manager for an estimate + consult with your organization’s maintenance supervisor or management. He’ll view the property, scan the blueprints (if available), and determine the project scope. The completed estimate will include the number of units to be cleaned, the cost for each, and the method to be utilized.

Video Demo: Time-lapse

A time-lapse demonstration of the commercial duct cleaning process by Saxton Air Duct Cleaning technician Tyler.

Commercial Duct Cleaning Quickie

Company owner Ben Saxton does a quick walk-through of the commercial duct cleaning process in a community center, including the cleaning of supply diffusers and return grilles, and the crawl-through method of duct cleaning.

45-Second Crawl-Through Demo

No narration—just a demonstration by our technician Jason of the crawl-through method of commercial duct cleaning.

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