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Our state-of-the-art tools, technological determination, and innovative execution ensure optimal results for your HVAC cleaning and restoration projects. Serving all of Minnesota for commercial projects.

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Commercial crawl-through air duct cleaning

Get A Free Estimate

One of our commercial project estimators will visit your site, consult with you on your project, and deliver a detailed estimate.

Commercial HVAC cleaning lift

Our Expertise​

Our expertise is focused on HVAC system cleaning, both commercial and residential.

Apartments, senior living communities, salons, spas, etc.​​

Skymark Skypaks, Magic-Paks, Comfort Packs, etc.​​

Apartments, offices, retail, salons, spas, etc.​​

Residential duct cleaning—a top-tier service. Includes furnace cleaning.

For residential dryer vents exiting at ground level (under 8 ft).​​

For residential vents that exit the rooftop or 8 ft high.

Our Expert Team​

One of our project managers or site supervisors is on every project, ensuring quality work from start to finish.

Tyler Tall, President of Saxton Air Duct Cleaning

Tyler Tall


Ben Saxton, CEO of Saxton Air Duct Cleaning

Ben Saxton​


Liam VonGrey, Site Supervisor for Saxton Air Duct Cleaning

Liam VonGrey

Site Supervisor

Carlo Holmberg, Site Supervisor for Saxton Air Duct Cleaning

Carlo Holmberg

Site Supervisor

Saxton Air Duct Cleaning technician Orion Benkovics

Orion Benkovics

Site Supervisor

Estimate + Consult

Schedule a site visit by our commercial project manager for an estimate + consult with your organization’s maintenance supervisor or management. He’ll view the property, scan the blueprints (if available), and determine the project scope. The completed estimate will include the number of units to be cleaned, the cost for each, and the method to be utilized.

You Won’t Find A Better Team In The Industry

Reach out and we’ll demonstrate how we can provide results for you

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