Air Duct Cleaning

An air duct cleaning technician inserts the Viper whip into the access he created in the main trunk line to move debris toward the containment system.

Clean ducts, cleaner indoor air

Our air duct cleaning is designed to remove the maximum amount of debris and contaminants from inside your ducts, minimizing indoor air pollutants in your home. Our decades of experience and vast arsenal of state-of-the-art tools make us versatile trouble-shooters on complex systems. Tools used to achieve optimal results include:

The Viper Clean Sweep System, a high-powered whip with furious tentacles that thrash debris loose from every corner and crevice.
The Viper Microline, a nimble, single-tentacled air whip that slips through register fins to disappear down the vent and dislodge dust from everywhere it clings.
A Hypervac Revolution Hybrid 5000-CFM portable vacuum, the boss of industrial vacuums, allowing for maximum negative pressure due to its close proximity to the furnace and 220 volts of suction power.
​Forward and reverse skipper balls, the tiny versatile workhorses of air duct cleaning, whose jostling movement and blasting air propel larger, heavier debris toward the vacuum.

Before & after photos on every job

​We’ll let you see for yourself the condition of your air ducts before and after our cleaning. Your ducts might not be as dirty as some of these before photos, but they’ll be as clean as they can be afterward.

Some scenarios that may make your ducts dirty faster:

​New construction: if your builder didn’t have the ducts cleaned to rid them of construction debris, you’ll want to on move-in.
Remodeling projects—especially those that involve drywall or sanding.
Pets in the household.
Results like in these jobsite photos are achieved with high-powered air duct cleaning tools wielded by experienced technicians.
A technician installs a duct plug after creating access in the trunk line to perform the air duct cleaning.

You can find cheaper, but you won’t find better

We ​offer a thorough, top-level air duct cleaning. The service includes all vents—supply and return. We always include a furnace cleaning, for a system-wide clean. Pricing is as follows:

$599, for homes up to 2500 sq ft. Add $50 for each additional 500 sq ft.
Pricing is per system/per furnace. Cleaning of any additional systems will be priced at $569.​
Take $30 off any additional service performed on the same visit.

The Power of the Viper

We’ve used a lot of air duct cleaning tools over the years but most frequently turn to the Viper Clean Sweep for its sheer power and versatility. Its flexible tentacles reach every nook and cranny of the air duct, jostling debris loose and hurtling it toward the vacuum for removal.

You Won’t Find A Better Team In The Industry

Reach out and we’ll demonstrate how we can provide results for you

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