Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning

A technician on a ladder cleaning a commercial AC coil.
We use a unique, Saxton-designed process to clean the outside condenser coils of self-contained HVAC units. The result is improved air flow and unit efficiency, and better indoor air quality for residents.

Why clean AC coils?

Heating and cooling in multi-family complexes is often achieved with self-contained HVAC units such as Skymark Skypaks, Magic-Paks, and Comfort Packs. These units have condenser coils on the outside, which become clogged with dirt and plant debris (such as cottonwood) over time.

Yearly maintenance cleaning yields the following benefits:

increased air flow to the unit
enhanced unit efficiency
increased equipment lifespan​

Clogged coils constrict air flow

​Dirt from outside air is deposited over time onto AC coils, where it collects between the tiny fins. Airborne plant materials such as fluffy cottonwood, dandelion seeds, and other debris cling to the coils, clogging them. All this debris has the effect of decreasing air flow, reducing unit efficiency, increasing energy costs, and can eventually lead to equipment failure. 

BEFORE: An AC coil choked with dirt and debris before a yearly maintenance cleaning.
AFTER: An AC coil after an annual maintenance cleaning by our Saxton Air Duct Cleaning crew. Unrestricted air flow makes the unit more efficient and increases its lifespan, ensuring the continued comfort of residents.

Clean coils cool efficiently

We use a unique, proprietary process designed by company owner Ben Saxton to clean AC coils from the outside. After much trial and error, using air triggers and other common tools, we devised a process that is highly efficient and uniquely effective, eliminating clogged debris. Call us to schedule an on-site demonstration to showcase the effectiveness of this method over any other.

The result is clean coils that breathe easily with unrestricted air flow, making the unit more efficient and extending its lifespan, and ensuring the continued comfort of building residents.

Estimate + Consult

Schedule a site visit by our commercial project manager for an estimate + consult with your organization’s maintenance supervisor or management. He’ll view the property, scan the blueprints (if available), and determine the project scope. The completed estimate will include the number of units to be cleaned, the cost for each, and the method to be utilized.

People standing over a blueprint discussing an estimate.

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